Case Study - Talent Management

A Fast growing organization in the Chemical & Fertilizer sector
  Problem Statement

The organization was looking at a 5X growth plans as part of its corporate strategy. In order to achieve this, the organization wishes to tap the potential of their existing managers at the Senior and Middle management levels. The objective was to put these managers through a scientific process of identifying the strengths and improvement areas of their people. As they intend to grow 5x, they wanted to spot the high potentials in the organization who can drive this initiative and help them realize their goal.

A Snapshot of Our Approach

  • Utilized the existing competency framework of the organization. Designed tools/exercises specifically to capture desired behaviours across each of the five (5) competencies.
  • Conducted the Development Centres for 379+155 (middle + senior management) Managers.
  • The Assessor Data Integration sessions surfaced several patterns of behaviour among the participants which were converted into stimulating and potentially powerful development insights for the managers. Also, PB gave a structured feedback to each participant individually after every centre.
  • ‘Individual Reports’ were developed for each participant in detail. The report discusses the individual ratings obtained for each of the competencies and the overall rating. It highlights the strength areas and improvement areas of the participant, with some suggestive behavioural programs.
  • With such a huge repository of information on the managers, PB analysed the various scores obtained during the development centre. This analysis provided a clear insight on the areas in which the organization would need to focus upon and develop capability in order to achieve its growth plans.



Successful identification of Hi-potential employees. Also, the entire senior and middle management are made aware of their strength and improvement areas. The organization is currently engaged in developing the ‘Individual Development Plans’ and conducting training programs to address the development areas. This will help their people to readily move to the next level in the organization.
The organization was looking at a 5X growth plans as part of its corporate strategy.
The bank was typically sending their officers on assignment to the back office operations.
This company operates in the IT, BPO and Business Consulting domains and is one of the most sought after employers globally.
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