What does the research reveal?

The Coffman Organization’s research with employees, managers and leaders regarding the engagement process within their organizations revealed that while upwards of 98% of people reported participating in a survey process, less than 1% reported a high degree of satisfaction with the process.

A number of frustrations emerged from the research.

Employees say:

It takes so long to get results we don’t care about them when we get them.
There’s nothing in it (the survey) for me.
Nothing ever happens.

Managers told us:

The survey results are so late that the data no longer applies.
It feels like an exercise unrelated to my team and role.
What are we supposed to do about them (the results)?



People Business together with their global partner Coffman Organization has brought NEXUS experience to its customers in India.

NEXUS is an integrated tool set which is changing the way employee engagement is driven in organizations. This aims to make the survey process more engaging and focus on driving actions than measurement. This can be administered in an asynchronous fashion to make it ‘viral’ across the organization.


Hypotheses based on the analysis of the research data:

Fully Engaging Employees in the Process:

  • Employees’ participation and engagement in the survey process will increase if they receive personal feedback uniqueto them in the survey process itself.
  • Employees who are given information to help them participate better in the discussion of survey results will report more positive perception of the team discussion.
  • When the team’s survey results are quickly returned to the team, employees participate more fully in the discussion and action planning.

Helping managers create and sustain momentum form the survey process:

  • Providing managers specific cues based on their results will facilitate discussion sessions and lead to better ownership.
  • Managers who are asked questions about their team discussions or their energy plan will demonstrate better follow up with their team members and increase their team’s engagement.

Providing Executives/ HR with actionable data to drive strategy & decisions:

  • Leaders who initiate conversations with managers about their survey results will increase quality and timeliness of team discussions.
  • Leaders who provide feedback on the team’s energy plan will increase the quality and success of the plans.
  • When employees are actively engaged in the survey experience they will ask for opportunities to measure their progress and success to date.
  • Organizations that employ a consistent follow up plan from survey to survey, will increase the number of highly engaged individuals and teams.

“Essence of Nexus is the move from 'manager owned' to 'member owned' survey; from 'measurement' to 'action'. focus and a transition from gross measure of 'employee attitude' to a more realistic and actionable view of the 'energy and vitality of organization‟s culture'.”
– Curt Coffman

NEXUS at a glance
Nexus Measures
Micro Culture - reflects the local work team, where people connect and energy is built.

Bridge Culture - reflects the connection between other team members, groups and departments and four items on the NEXUS survey introduce this dimension to teams.

MacroCulture - reflects people's connection to leadership and the overall organization.

Understanding Individuals and their preferences – our research shows that the importance of engagement drivers varies with people. NEXUS survey introduces this dimension to individuals who are asked about their preferences and importance of the same.
Nexus Enables
Manager Action: So often Manager is clue less about how to start that ‘conversion’ with the team after the report card is received. Nexus builds an Agenda for the manager through its ‘Agenda Builder’ in an interactive manner based on the desired theme of the conversation. Manager Portal also provides drip input to ensure continuity of action throughout the journey.

Individual Participation: Individual receives a report as soon as she completes the survey, about what she prefers and values. The participant carries her energy report in the team meeting for the team to engage on her preferred areas.

Nexus Coach: Nexus experience includes building Nexus Coaches in-house who would help line managers to navigate their journey
Heat Map
Nexus Manages

Heat Map: Nexus provides a complete Engagment Heat map of the organization in terms of ‘actively
engaged’, ‘passengers’and ‘actively disengaged’ work groups. The priviledge to access the same depends on the hierarchical level of the manager.

Action Plan/ Energy Plan: Nexus allows the manager to capture the Energy plan of the team decided in the team meeting and log the same for the manager’s manager/ HR to monitor progress.

Pulse Check: Nexus experience includes Pulse Check of identified groups to monitor progress midcourse.

The EE2.0™ is State-of-the-Art Measurement.

The PB-Coffman’s Employee Engagement survey (EE 2.0™) represents the most significant evolution in engagement measurement, utilizing items that measure both local culture and macro-culture, the direct link to business outcomes (customer loyalty, sales and margin growth, and employee retention and development). EE 2.0™ enables each manager to compare their performance with their own organization, against a national benchmark, and provides actions and recommendations customized to their level of engagement.

  After 30+ years of research with high performance cultures, we say:

Engaged People Great Managers Aligned to Strategy 
Deliver amazing results


No matter how carefully crafted, the effectiveness of your strategy ultimately depends upon its execution. That means aligning your culture with your strategy.

Measurement is only the beginning…it’s what you DO with the results that count

Developing Great Managers is the single most important thing you can do to build the capability of your organization.

True engagement is built or destroyed at the local level. No efforts from leadership can begin to have the same impact as the individual manager, who everyday either creates or fails to create an engaging environment for each team member.

Managers are the glue of engagement, linking individual talent, drive, and capability to the organization’s most crucial issues.

Great management is not an event. Even the most motivated manager needs support and guidance throughout the year.

The ‘Manager Connection’ is a full year of “just-in-time” inspiration and focused action and is the product of more than 30 years of research on what constitutes great management, how the best get results, and what it takes to support managers in their critical role.

An outcome based engagement approach can support in
  • Action planning to support employee retention and performance
  • Imbibe manager as key anchor in the retention strategy
  • Retention strategy for critical employee groups and attrition reduction
  • Focussed employee retention strategy
  • Employee engagement leading to higher business outcomes like profitability and revenues
  • Unearth key drivers to create a culture of high performance, innovation, or execution based on culture audits
  • Leverage culture as a driver of strategy
A fast growing life insurance provider in India that had registered an exponential growth with presence across 200+ towns in India in a span of 48 months.
Diverse business group with presence across five (5) industry verticals- pharmaceuticals, real estate, defense, financial services and information management.
Our Expertise

Our clear differentiator is the latest research on the science of engagement and a pool of Engagement consultants who have years of experience in building a culture of engagement across global organizations. This expertise combined with our highly individualized approach for each workgroup has translated into a benefit that is clearly visible by our partner organizations.

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