Organizations today are increasingly realizing the importance of building a strong employer brand to attract, retain and engage employees.

Our fully integrated services can help you develop a clear, concise and distinctive employer brand that acts as your “glue” and helps you achieve superior business outcomes.

Employee Value Proposition, Developing an Engaged Workforce, Best employer, Employer of choice   We strongly believe that strong employer brands are built from inside out.

The first step to creating a distinctive and differentiating EVP is to generate critical insights through internal research, external research and talent competitor benchmarking. We use these insights to develop a proposition that balances aspirational stretch and everyday reality. At the same time, we strongly believe that strong employer brands are built from the inside out. Bridging the image – reality gap is a key challenge for many organizations that struggle to meet their brand promise. Therefore, our approach to activating your employer value proposition (EVP) is based on aligning processes, policies and behaviors within your organization to the “promise” that the EVP makes. Very often, we help businesses to translate the employer brand into a tangible and pragmatic plan of action. Our leadership development expertise also helps your top leaders “walk the talk”, thereby inspiring exceptional performance. This makes the EVP truly come alive and helps your internal and external target audience connect with it better.

Benefits of employer branding:
  • Organizational identity: Employees strongly identify with the unique employee value proposition provided through both tangible and intangible benefits. This leads to a healthier psychological contract and helps in creation of single identity during phases of changes/growth.
  • Better articulation: Consistent articulation and communication of employee value proposition both internally and externally helps greatly in alignment of organizational efforts to attract and retain employees.
  • Gap identification: It helps in bringing clarity on areas of improvement for the organization
  • Aligned efforts: Efforts are put in the key areas of improvement/segments that require action in line with the employee value proposition
  • Attraction and retention: Helps in better attraction and retention of talent by identifying top drivers Becoming an employer of choice through best employer practices aligned to the employee value proposition Using an employer brand maturity model to benchmark your status as a best employer
  • Overall cost of engagement: Overall cost of engaging employees reduces as efforts are more aligned and clearly articulated, as the organization delivers what it promised as per the employee value proposition.


This organization was facing an attrition challenge and also needed to plan its HR strategy to look at trebling its growth in the next 3 years.
One of the world’s largest bank began its operations in India some years back.
This business group operates across 7 industry sectors with multiple locations in India and globally.
Our Expertise

People Business is an exclusive partner of People in Business, the world‟s leading Employer Branding Consultancy aiming to bring forth employer brand management services that are tailored to the Indian context. Our team consists of experienced consultants who have created and implemented successful EVPs for some of the largest and fastest growing organizations in India and abroad.

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