Suresh Rowvey

Suresh Rowvey
Operational & Financial Head
Dr. Suresh Rowvey as operational & financial excellence head, based in Dubai, brings with him over 25 years of broad based experience in finance and operations, spanning accounting, mergers and acquisitions, business model restructuring, financial planning, legal, investor relations and human resources. A Ph.D. from Thompson University, USA and an MBA graduate from University of Melbourne and a Six Sigma/SoX professional, Dr. Suresh Rowvey has an immense network of synergies gained from professionals working with large Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Suresh Rowvey is the CEO of Meridian Management Consultancy which is a results orientated, customer focused service provider having a client portfolio extending across the UAE, India, USA and Europe, providing innovative and insightful solutions to all manner of client requirements specializing in the following core services: Business Set-ups-Business Advisory-Business Support-Business Process Excellence working closely with the Think-Tank of PB Team.
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