Assessing and developing people both in their present job and for future roles is a complex and time-consuming affair.

For many organizations where competition has become stiffer, the flab has been disposed by weeding out non-performers, placing the right person in the right job can be a critical determinant to future profitability.

  The Competency-based Talent Management Approach used by PB is holistic and looks at the full cycle of identifying potential and grooming the talent to feed into the talent pipeline.

The Competency-based Talent Management Approach maps employee capability to organizational competency requirements which further helps drive strategy. The idea is to move from Talent Management as an event to Talent Management as a sustainable Strategic Business Tool.

Individual competency feedback and developmental guidance is provided to all participants based on their performance in the Assessment Centre. In addition, PB, provides the organizational talent inventory with a nine Box Matrix clearly identifying the Hi-Potentials and mid-term fits (for higher level roles). These inputs can directly feed into the succession plan and build the talent pipeline.

PB also designs Technical & Functional Competencies across industry sectors by partnering with industry stalwarts and ex-CEOs from the relevant sector. PB has proven expertise in Position Profiling which maps the job role to the expected proficiency level of the Competency Framework.

Careers today are no longer a simple game of upward movement but a more sophisticated game of chess where multiple moves are possible in several directions. PB’s process of designing career paths & career lattices are more conducive to an evolving matrix structure prevalent across several organizations today, keeping in mind the ‘career-life fit’ of employees. This provides them with flexible options to move horizontally or vertically in the hierarchy and change directions based on aspirations aligned to the overall organizational strategy.

Benefits of our approach:
An outcome based engagement approach can support in
  • A holistic customized approach towards talent management.
  • Use of multiple methods including Multi source feedback (360 Degree), Development or assessment centers.
  • Focussed approach towards identifying and developing high potentials through a business outcome based approach.
  • Experiential approach towards talent development focussed on adult learning model.
  • Talent Review with clear business results through high impact succession planning.
The organization was looking at a 5X growth plans as part of its corporate strategy
The bank was typically sending their officers on assignment to the back office operations.
This company operates in the IT, BPO and Business Consulting domains and is one of the most sought after employers globally.
Our Expertise

What sets us apart is our highly experienced team engages passionately with the client to drive long term Development Initiatives that fuel the achievement of clients’ strategic needs. Through our robust Talent Management framework we ensure that the Human Capital of the client organization grows from strength to strength.

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