Our Team - India

  Akhilesh Mandal

Akhilesh Mandal, President, People Business (PB), is a veteran Business Leader with a career spanning over 3 decades. ...
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  Geoff Willcox
Director of Operations - TCO

Geoff brings a wealth of experience, yet a keen freshness to the operations side of projects. With unmatched....
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  Milind Chalisgaonkar

Milind Chalisgaonkar is management consultant / independent director / mentor with experience in...
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  Judy Van Zon
Associate Director

Judy van Zon is a Certified Organization, Relationship and Systems Coach and a RSI@Work Licensee through...
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  Dr. Sandeep K. Krishnan
Senior Director

Dr. Sandeep K. Krishnan is an Senior Director at People Business. He heads the South India business...
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  Abhishek Kumar
Associate Director

Abhishek Kumar is Associate Director at People Business. As a management consultant and coach, Abhishek...
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