The current business scenario while being very turbulent and challenging, can be seen as a huge opportunity by leaders to invest in their people.

This investment will enable Leaders to exert tremendous leverage on the future of their organizations and create personal legacies. To seize this opportunity, leaders need to listen and communicate powerfully and make accountability a positive force at the workplace. Executive coaching is an effective development tool for leaders at all levels towards creating that bright future for their organizations.

  Executive Coaching enables the leader to perform at a higher level which ensures enhanced performance in teams and the organization.

The coaching process is aimed at enabling the leader taking full responsibility for specific actions and outcomes. The first step towards this is increasing awareness of the leader. As a result of increased self-awareness and the business scenario, the leader is able to see situations in a different light and is open to take new actions more decisively.

Our Expertise

Our consultants and researchers have decades of experience in coaching along with their expertise in Business, Employee Engagement and Talent Management. Our team consists of experienced CXO Coaches (including ex CXOs from across industries) who have created a culture of coaching within organizations and also coached leaders in some of the largest and fastest growing organizations in India and abroad.

Coach Certification program

The PB Coach Training and Certification program is designed based on the experience of our senior coaches and on sound research in multiple disciplines including sports coaching and positive psychology.

The 6 month active learning program consists of classroom programs, videos, detailed case studies and role plays, review sessions, experience sharing with senior coaches, peer learning and online learning with rigorous assessment.

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