Executive Coaching

PB's Executive coaching process is an experiential and individualized leader development process that builds a leader's capability to achieve short and long-term organizational goals.

It is driven by data from multiple perspectives and based on mutual trust and respect. The organization, an executive, and the executive coach work in partnership to achieve maximum impact.

Coaches help individuals or teams to increase their leadership effectiveness through effective change.

Executive Coaching: The PB Factor

With years of experience and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, we specialize in partnering with executives to unlock their full potential and drive extraordinary results.

Our team of highly skilled and certified executive coaches employ a personalized approach as per the unique needs of each individual leader.

Through confidential one-on-one sessions, we provide valuable insights, guidance, and support, helping executives navigate complex challenges, enhance their leadership skills, and optimize their performance.

Proven track record of success in executive coaching

Senior coaches with extensive experience who employ a personalised approach as per the executive and organisations’s needs

Committed to delivering measurable results

Ensuring confidentiality & trust for creating a safe space

Our Offerings

  • Executive Coaching for Leaders & Executives
  • Group Coaching

Who is Executive Coaching for?

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
Senior-level Executives
Potential Succession Pipeline

Why should Executives/Companies go for Executive Coaching?

  • Expanding scope of responsibilities to include new challenges
  • Enhance leadership & delegation skills
  • Facilitating sustainable organization change
  • Promoting high level of leader resilience
  • Team building skills & developing internal talent
  • Decision-making & planning skills
  • Elevating emotional intelligence & self awareness

How PB drives Executive Coaching?

Structuring the Executive Coaching Engagement

The results-driven nature of the coach-coachee relationship requires clear ground rules to operate effectively. Setting the ground rules is not a process of negotiation but one of clarification. Ground rules cover most of the following key areas:

  • Confidentiality, Expectations and Commitment.
  • Reporting relationships.
  • Methods of information gathering.
  • Setting objectives and monitoring progress.
  • How, Why and When the coaching will end.

The coachee will have concerns and anxieties, some of which are bound to be self-serving or protective with the danger of limiting the coach’s effectiveness. PB’s experienced coaches have encountered these before and know how to provide assurances or sound reasons to overcome reluctance.

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