Employer Branding

Our fully integrated services can help you develop a clear, concise and distinctive employer brand that acts as your “glue” and helps you achieve superior business outcomes.


We strongly believe that strong employer brands are built from inside out. Our team consists of experienced HR consultants who have conducted successful employer branding exercises; created and implemented successful Employee Value Propositions for some of the fastest growing organisations across industries by applying a rigorous approach to create an employee experience for enabling long term success.

Defining and Managing Employee Value Proposition

Research in the employer branding space suggests an evident shift in looking at the Employer Brand from a largely recruitment driven strategy to an overarching binding force that influences how internal and external stakeholders perceive the organization experience to be.

We at People Business (PB) have conducted successful employer branding exercises for companies across industries using a rigorous approach to create enhanced employee experiences for enabling long term success.

The first step in the Employer branding process is organizational diagnosis, which helps understand the company at its best. The focus here is on understanding the unwritten rules and stories that make the organization what it is. Then the focus shifts on to the organization’s aspiration of what it wants to be known for, which is to be reflected in everything the organization says and does. The organization’s aspiration is converted into an Employee Value Proposition(EVP), with defining attributes (EVP Pillars) and   reasons to believe in the proposition.

Therefore, our approach to activating your employer value proposition (EVP) is based on aligning processes, policies and behaviors within your organization to the “promise” that the EVP makes. Very often, we help businesses to translate the employer brand into a tangible and pragmatic plan of action. Our leadership development expertise also helps your top leaders “walk the talk”, thereby inspiring exceptional performance. This makes the Employee Value Proposition truly come alive and helps your internal and external target audience connect with it better. Apart from this, the brand tool kit that we provide helps in communicating the Employee Value Proposition with the internal as well as external communication.

We at PB, help organizations formulate their Brand DNA and define a distinct EVP, thereby creating a unique brand identity. This helps build brand loyalty and a culture of high engagement and high performance.

Employer Brand Quotient Report 2020

People Business (PB) presents its annual Employer Brand Quotient Report for 9 sectors.

Employer Brand Quotient Report 2020

People Business (PB) presents its annual Employer Brand Quotient Report for 9 sectors. These reports are an outcome of an in-depth research and analysis of data available online.

A Fast growing organization in the QSR sector

This organization was facing an attrition challenge and also needed to plan its HR strategy to look at trebling its growth in the next 3 years.

Leading Global Financial Services Player

One of the world’s largest bank began its operations in India some years back.

One of India’s largest Business Conglomerates

This business group operates across 7 industry sectors with multiple locations in India and globally.

An Indian E-Commerce Company

The organization wished to build a robust external and internal Employer Brand Image in line with its values and current/future aspirations.

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