Assessment is just the first step in managing and developing talent. We strongly believe in the philosophy of no-one-size-fits-all when it comes to behavioural assessments, so we evaluate the needs of your organisation and decide what fits you best. At People Business, we can help you plan a complete development journey for your talent assessments and development centres.

As you know, the consistency and quality of the behaviors demonstrated during the assessment centers for management development are predictive of the participants’ performance and potential. The assessment tools designed by People Business are adapted to your requirements and replicate your workplace scenarios. This provides participants multiple opportunities to demonstrate the competencies/ behaviors that are termed critical by your organization. Ultimately, this aids you in making systematic, data-driven and fair decisions for hiring and developing talent.

Our in-house platform for Virtual Assessment/Development Centers for management development has been built on the foundation of a traditional (also popularly known as in-person/ physical) assessment center – and utilizes the best blend of human touch and technology, thereby making it a highly engaging experience for the participants.

assessment centers conducted
employees assessed across industries
years of experience

Robust Project Management

Design of Industry-specific & industry agnostic tools

Inclusion of relevant Psychometric tools

Pool of highly experienced assessors

Customised, Scalable, Engaging & Immersive, Readily Deployable Assessment & Development Centers for all Levels

Our Virtual Assessment Centers can meet
all your assessment needs

Our Process Flow


  • Understand organizational context and key Business Imperatives for the future.
  • Understanding of current and next level Responsibilities & Capabilities


  • Design & validation of key assessment criteria
  • Customization of tools to include industry-specific and agnostic content
  • Design communication templates and scheduling matrix


  • Customized assessments tools with one on one & team interaction pedagogy


  • Feedback and Reflection with the participants and group analysis
  • Classification of participants into 9-box matrix and identification of high-potentials

Our Assessment Tools

Strategic Case Analysis

Case study Presentation

Group Discussion

Situational Judgement Analysis

Online Simulations

One-to-one Role Plays

Behavioural Event Interview (BEI)

Inbox Prioritization

360 Degree Feedback

Psychometric Tools

Why do you need Virtual Assessment Centers?

Convenient / Easily Deployable

  • Instant access
  • No additional software requirements
  • User-friendly interface

Fully scalable

  • Can be accessed from any location
  • Assess a large number of participants at the same time

Cost-effective Solution

  • Save huge travel, venue, printing and sundry costs associated with traditional assessment centers

Time Effective solution

  • Participants have a large window to choose their assessment schedule
  • No time spent on logistics or travel

Faster TAT

  • Participant data and responses are available real-time, making it easier to analyze and evaluate

Enhanced Participant Experience

  • Reduced logistical nightmares and seamless highly engaging user experience

Sample Participant Journey

Snapshots of our Virtual Assessment Platform


During Assessment:

Post Assessment:

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