Organizational Culture

Our advanced Culture Assessments will help you to build a functional organisational culture which further enhances and empowers your brand.


We at People Business, partner with Hofstede Insights, the world leader in organizational culture assessment and culture building to offer organizations in India with a structured approach during their culture journey, to measure, understand and shape their organizational culture. We have already begun working with 5 organizations helping them align their culture to their strategy.

The research-backed Multi-Focus Model from Hofstede Insights is a strategic tool that helps organizations to create a functional (business enabling) culture. The model defines Organizational Culture as the way in which the members of an organization relate to each other, their work and the outside world in comparison to other organizations. It helps organizations understand how elements in their organizational culture can either enable or hinder their strategy. The model helps organizations visualize:

  • The actual and optimal culture in an organization.
  • Possible external restrictions limiting the optimal organizational culture.
  • Hidden pains.
  • The condition for change.

The Multi-Focus Model consists of six autonomous dimensions or variables. This enables us to provide insights on the fit between the actual culture and any strategic direction the organization can think of. Different combinations of dimensions provide insights in various strategic fits and the results generate easy to understand visualizations.

The six dimensions of the model are.

  • D1 Means-oriented vs. goal-oriented
  • D2 Internally driven vs. externally driven
  • D3 Easy-going work discipline vs. strict work discipline
  • D4 Local vs. professional
  • D5 Open system vs. closed system
  • D6 Employee-oriented vs. work-oriented

By using the Hofstede Multi-Focus Model, the organization can ensure that

  • Ensure a smooth change process
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Know who you are before you start changing
  • See what you lack for being what you want to be

More than 150 organizations internationally are using The Multi-Focus Model every year to get insights on the alignment between their culture and strategy.

A Leading India based global manufacturer of engineering components and consulting

The management of the organisation wanted to measure their organisation’s culture and check for undercurrents, which didn’t come out in the engagement survey.

A Global Organization working in the area of leading and development of communities

The organisation was finding it challenging to internalize and improve their overall innovation quotient.

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