A Global Organization working in the area of leading and development of communities

The organisation was finding it challenging to internalize and improve their overall innovation quotient.


In recent past, the organisation tried to initiate several innovation-based projects. To further support employees in this journey, support systems were also provided, including - availability of budget for ‘innovative idea’, idea generation competition and a recognition platform. Over a period of year, such initiatives provided marginal returns. In this regard, they partnered with People Business for a Culture scan, with the objective of improving the innovation quotient of the organisation. They wanted to understand the Current Culture of the organisation through our tool, identify aspects of culture that needs to be addressed to support in driving Innovation across the organization and also assess other aspects like – if there is bureaucracy in some sub-cultures.


PB recommended Culture Transformation efforts based on Hofstede’s Model. Our solution included measurement of Current culture, defining Optimal culture and understanding Change Levers to make the desired Change happen

We started the project with collecting information from all key leaders in the organization, to understand their current realities and challenges. In the first phase, we deployed culture diagnostic tool that provided us with picture of their current culture and restrictions that are imposed by the business environment. The second phase required all senior stakeholders, in the organization to define and agree on Optimal Culture, which will enable their strategy (innovation was one of the top three in agenda). The Optimal Culture of the organization was balanced carefully to match the future need and ground realities. The third phase of project required PB to interact with key members of each sub-culture, arrive at specific actions (Change) they would like to take for their sub-cultures. This was a participative process, requiring the key members to agree on changes (message being - Change will not happen by itself).


PB provided them a map on, where the innovation quotient for organization lies and specific actions that needs to be taken up to drive innovation in the organization.

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