360 Degree Feedback Solutions

A 360 Degree Feedback Survey is one of the first steps in high potential talent identification and succession planning. People business provides a comprehensive 360 degree feedback software that combines consulting and technology prowess.

Our team of consultants can help you plan a complete development journey for the talent in your organization.

360 Degree Feedback: Process

360-degree Evaluation feedback is one of the most credible instruments to get performance/behavior ratings that drives/inhibits performance and feedback from the participant’s circle of influence- their direct reports/ team members, peers, customers, supervisors, and/or other stakeholders. It is most often used as a tool to provide feedback to leaders and managers.

The 360-degree feedback - which is usually responded to ‘anonymously’ benefits the respondents to provide their honest feedback in a safe, confidential, and reliable way.

Honest and reliable feedback is necessary to test one’s own perceptions, recognize unseen strengths, and become aware of personal blind spots.

Benefits of using 360 degree feedback

Makes performance appraisal more credible

Strengthens individuals development resolve

Persuades individuals to


Why is 360 degree feedback conducted

Creates a culture of

Provides input on behavioral training needs

Serves as an input for individual development planning


Why go for People Business 360-Degree feedback Solutions

People Business 360’ Tool is a next-gen platform powered by PB’s deep expertise in leadership development and talent management

You can use your organization’s Competency framework for running the 360 Degree feedback survey , or you can use PB’s extensively researched and globally validated Competency framework- Think-Act-Engage

Our Support team can set up the survey within a matter of minutes and can provide the organization with instant and customized individual and group reports helping the organization to create a roadmap to drive individual and group-level development interventions

Our team of consultants can help you plan a complete development journey for the talent in your organization and create a succession pipeline based on the individual reports generated

What we offer

People Business has its own set of globally benchmarked Competency framework and 360 offers you a review by various stakeholders in the organization based on these set of competencies

Each instrument is designed to address the most critical leadership behaviors for a given target group and is ready to be implemented immediately

Extensively researched industry benchmarks available for 200+ companies till date

Individual & Group Reports

  • We provide Individual & Group-level Reports that are easy to understand and interpret.

Behavioral and Functional reports

  • Our solution provides 90 Degree,180 Degree,360 Degree report based on the behavioral and functional competencies

Post Profiling Development Plan

  • Based on 360 Degree feedback reports, our Consultants can help you plan and implement various developmental interventions – IDP-based coaching, workshops, simulations

Think Act Engage Model

  • You can use your own Competency Framework or utilize PB’s research-based Think-Act-Engage Model.

Customizable as per requirements

  • Our highly powerful and flexible 360 degree feedback process can be highly customized as per your requirements.


  • Our 360-degree feedback provides a high amount of flexibility in survey administration and report generation.


  • Our 360 Degree feedback provides insights on industry benchmarks based on our competency framework.

One Click Emails for Feedback

  • Our Platform has been configured to be hassle-free with single click links

Process of 360 Degree Feedback Solution


Understanding the need and level of Competencies for each profile, tailoring questions, and setting up online tool



Launching survey for participants, sending reminder mails & monitoring responses on an on-going basis



Generating Individual reports, organization analysis report, and conducting leadership presentation



Providing feedback based on the Individual and group reports


Individual Development Plan

1 on 1 feedback with PB consultants to finalize individual development plan


Leadership/Manager development

Customized Development Program to meet the development need of the talent


Overall process takes 3-4 weeks

Individual Report with Feedback

An exclusive 2-weeks program focusing on Line Managers and Mid-level HR Leaders
for helping them in building HR Consulting Skills.
Areas covered during the Program

  • Detailed one on one feedback with participant
  • Identifies individual areas of strengths and developmental gaps
  • Identifies hidden strengths and blind spots
  • Creation of Individual Development Plan post feedback (optional)

Group Analysis Report

Examines aggregate data collected across participants

  • Identifies group strengths and developmental gaps
  • Helps prioritize future development investments

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