Great Manager Awards™ 2024

Great Manager Awards Program identify, recognize and reward organizations with "Great Managers" in India. This program enables the participant organizations to compare and benchmark themselves and their managers across the industry by making their organisations a great place to work for great managers..

Great Manager Award program comprises of two categories:

  • Companies with Great Managers™ - Assessing the organizations
  • Hunt for Great Managers™ - Assessing the individual managers.

All participating organizations/managers are measured using the R-OPTI™ Model.

PB’s R-OPTI model of defining a Great Manager is based on our extensive research supported by methodical analysis of the five constructs:

The Evaluation Framework – R-OPTI Model for manager recognition

  • R- Drives Results: A great manager ensures that desired results are achieved by means of:
  • O- Aligning Organization Vision: His/her actions are aligned to the organization’s plans.
  • P- Enhancing People Performance: S/he able to drive performance of team members.
  • T- Building Team Effectiveness: Align team to the common goals, build great relationship, and facilitate effective functioning of the team.
  • I- Sustaining Individual Credibility: S/he possess exceptional individual credibility that drives Trust and influence.

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