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Problem Statement

One of the world’s largest bank began its operations in India some years back. This company is one of the best paymasters in the industry and also offers challenging opportunities to employees. However, every year a sizeable chunk of the employees left the organization (voluntary/involuntary). This has caused a sense of insecurity within the current employees. Also, in the job market, this has led to a lack of a pull factor and fewer people are expressing interest in joining.

A Snapshot of Our Approach

  • Collaborating with the Senior Leadership team to identify the right profile for the company (who would be the right passengers on the bus).
  • Re-pitching the company as a career investment for ‘entrepreneurial people’ and as a place where they have an opportunity to build an “Organization for Tomorrow”.
  • Identifying an approach to build an emotional connect with the current employees by asking the manager to take ownership for the outcomes and move away from transactional management.
  • Building internal strengths to generate a positive brand image in the eyes of the prospective employees while lowering the negative perception alongside.

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