One of India’s largest Business Conglomerates

Problem Statement

This business group operates across 7 industry sectors with multiple locations in India and globally. The company was finding it a challenge to change the market perception of a slow company to one of high growth in the market place. Younger employees felt stifled with the culture and did not tend to stay with the company. In addition, the company needed to attract graduates from the IIM/ IIT’s to partner in the journey for exponential growth.

A Snapshot of Our Approach

  • In-depth analysis of organization’s brand perception across sectors to identify strengths and gaps.
  • Workshops to identify distinctive and differentiating EVP for the entire group (built on the strengths of the group). This resulted in EVP for the entire group as well as for group companies.
  • Analysis of process touch points to enable the translation of the EVP into reality.

The Group is currently engaged in implementing the Employer Brand Plan to translate the brand promise into actual employee experience, based on our inputs.


The effectiveness of the LDP was corroborated by the fact that more than 60% of the target population was designated as key future position holders of the Leadership pipeline.

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