A Global University


A giant global University wanted to develop the leadership capability of its faculty members, in order to be better aligned to and prepared for the changing institutional functional needs. PB was approached by this university to help them to nurture the leadership competencies of these faculty members. The objective was to identify the participant pool through a thorough multistep profiling phase, educate them comprehensively on the journey ahead, develop key competencies through customized classroom sessions, business impact projects, and coaching by experienced PB coaches, followed by multiple evaluation sessions. The entire intervention was designed to run over a 9-month period.

Our Approach

  • Profile - A Leadership Panel set up by the university selected the group of participants from a list of candidates shortlisted based on set eligibility criteria. These participants underwent a Development Centre, 360-degree feedback, and MBTI.
  • Educate - The participants were provided a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the journey ahead.  The benefits of the learning and how it affects their career were discussed in the educate phase.
  • Develop - The Develop phase was based on 70:20:10 principle, including customized classroom sessions based on key competencies, action learning by execution of impact projects with clear ROI and is relevant to the university, coaching by People Business using a customized learning dossier, and mentoring by internal leaders at University.
  • Evaluate - The program was evaluated on multiple fronts. The immediate reaction feedback showed the overall effectiveness of the classroom session.
  • Sustain - Based on the development progress of the participants, the university in consultation with People Business designed an 18-months program to sustain the development of the participants with a customized career development plan.  This included an advanced management program based on core behaviours to be developed, job rotations, on-demand coaching, international assignments, and a well-defined individual development plan.


The effectiveness of the Leadership Transformation Program is evident from the fact that out of the 132 participants, 38 were considered ready to take up key leadership roles, and 76 could be ready in the next 2-3 years with continued inputs. 21 participants have had already taken up key roles, out of which, 11 were Women Leaders. The LTP also led to High Impact Business Projects that had clear ROI for the university. The program, apart from making the preparing leaders for tomorrow, also made the participants effective in their current roles. About 80% of the participants have improved their ratings profoundly when compared to the previous year.

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