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The organization wanted to groom the next generation recruiters (Recruiters of the future). For this they needed to identify the key competencies for the identified Recruiter-Personas and use the competencies to assess the current recruiter talent (working at six levels) basis the same, and create a learning journey for them to develop on the competencies.

Our Approach:

People Business partnered with the organization to design the competency framework for the recruitment team by adopting a 3-phased approach:

  • Identifying the Personas: An initial discovery with the HR, Business Leadership and the role descriptions was conducted to understand the different recruitment personas in the organization including their responsibilities and challenges.
  • Design of Draft Competency Model: PB project team conducted in-depth leadership interviews, FGDs and BEIs with Hi-Pots of the recruitment vertical in India & at the global pilot location. The study of the internal recruitment data and processes along with PB’s internal competency repository was done. Further PB also conducted secondary research on the recruitment trends and changes in the industry to identify the requirements and expectations from the Recruiters.
  • Validate: The draft competency model was validated by the organizational leadership and the competency framework was finalized based on the inputs.


PB developed the ‘Recruiters of Future’ – a customized competency framework for the Client with Differentiating Competencies across the identified Recruiter Personas.

Basis the competencies identified, assessments tools were designed to be used for conducting Virtual Assessment Centers and creating a development plan for the recruiters.

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