The back office operations of one of the largest banks in the world


The bank was typically sending their officers on assignment to the back office operations. PB was engaged to build system to help the bank assess their managers and identify the High Potentials through a scientific assessment system. The objective was have a clear system of assessment for their managers for promotion.

Our Approach & Outcome

PB did a data gathering and analysis initiative and finalized the Leadership competency framework for the leaders of the back office operations. Thereafter, the various roles were profiled on the competencies required for each position/role.

Through development centers, the potential employees were assessed in development/assessment centers to decide the employees capable of moving into higher roles.

Alongside, a functional competency framework for both data and voice was finalized.


Using the results of the assessment/development centre, a succession planning system was put in place. The functional framework was used more at member levels to assist in hiring the right profiles to help in selecting the right person and thus improve the hit rate.

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