A large HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Cooling) Manufacturer


Given the organization’s growth rate and aggressive expansion plans, it wanted to take key ‘Talent related decisions’, namely - create and build succession and leadership pipeline. The firm wished to groom selected internal pool of leaders & impart skills to man critical positions across functions.

To accomplish this, the organization cast the net wide, and included maximum number of managers in the proposed development centre. The ‘learning journey’ of the assessed participants was customized later basis their ‘fitment’ report, in order to make them ‘future ready’.

Our Approach:

  • In the ‘pre-work’ phase, PB got an understanding of the current and future business needs through structured interviews with the leadership team. We reviewed the existing competency framework, post which, it was fine-tuned for the subsequent assessment process. We also identified other ‘High potential’ characteristics, apart from the standard set of competencies that was required.
  • In the ‘profiling phase’, both online and face-to-face assessments using competency-specific customized tools were administered.


  • Post the profiling phase, an overall organization Talent Inventory and 9-box matrix was provided to the HR Team. The top quartile of high-potential managers was identified.
  • In participation with the leadership team, a talent review workshop was conducted wherein each participant was discussed in detail and specific talent actions (role change, additional responsibilities etc.) were identified for each participant.
  • The participants were subsequently enrolled into an extended leadership development journey in order to groom them for the next level of responsibilities.

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