A Large Indian Real Estate Organization


The organization wanted to build up a stronger mid-level management and wanted to shift the development focus beyond the performance discussions.

Our Approach:

PB Adopted a 2 phased approach in helping building the capability of the organization:

  • Assessment through 360 Degree Survey: PB studies the organizational competencies and designed a survey questionnaire basis the competency behaviours. The questionnaires were administered in the form of a 360 Degree Survey, where each of the participant was rated on the competency behaviours by self, manager, peers and subordinates.
  • Individual Development: Each participant underwent a 1.5 hour discussion with a PB coach to understand their 360 Degree report and finalize a competency based Individual Development Plan.


The assessment helped the organization create a sustainable development action plan for its middle management, for the next 6 months through a customized development dossier, which helped them develop on the organizational competencies.

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