A leading University in South East Asia

The University wanted to strengthen their ability to attract, develop & retain talent. For the same, key business drivers were to strengthen the connect of the employees to the organization, create an engaged workforce and provide learning and growth opportunities to the employees.


The university wanted to provide a clear and objective structure for career advancement / progression and encourage self-directed learning leading to development of skills and competencies across levels. The university also wanted to Identify and develop behavioral and functional competency framework linked to the career pathways and Identify development programs tailored to employees and organizational needs.

Our Approach:

PB adopted the following process to design Career Development Pathway:

  • Diagnose
    • Conducted interviews with HR Leaders and stakeholders
    • Studied the current organizational structure & unique jobs
    • Understood the vision and aspirations of the University
  • Design
    • Articulated the Job Families basis the similarity and nature of tasks
    • Designed and aligned the Job Descriptions to the new job families
    • Developed Behavioral and Functional Competency framework
    • Designed ‘Career Pathways’ for all job families
    • Designed ‘Learning Solutions’ aligned to the behavioral competency framework
  • Communication: Developed ‘Career Management Policy’ to provide guidelines on career movement and linkages to other processes like performance management, succession planning etc.


PB helped the organization by

  • Developing over 300 Job Descriptions across 8 job families
  • Developing Behavioral Competency Framework with proficiency levels (Basic to Expert). Competencies were grouped under - Business, Performance , People & Personal/Self
  • Developing Functional Competency Framework for all job families
  • Designing ‘career development pathways’ for all job families that were linked to the competency framework, success profiles & critical development experiences
  • Developing Career Management Policy for communication
  • Designing Learning solutions for all competencies across Job Bands
  • Launching Career Pathways for 3 Job Families in the University

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