A mid-size Indian Insurance Company

The organization has plans to grow manifold leveraging its brand name and human capital. With the Insurance Industry as a whole going through a slowdown coupled with ambitious plans to grow in this market leveraging their ‘people’ capabilities, the organization saw a need to invest in their people, so as to groom them and to ensure they feel valued & stay with the organization.


The organization wanted the employees to be ‘self-aware’ and to ‘develop’ with organization programmes/ initiatives and internal ‘mentors’ as enablers. For this they wanted to conduct Development Assessment Centres followed by Individual Development Plans for a population of over 300 employees spread across the country.

Our Approach:

To accommodate the scale of participants with ease and to provide flexibility to the participants, PB proposed an Online Assessment for the participants.

PB tool an approach where it:

  • Fine-tuned the existing competency framework of the organization to make it relevant to client’s current context.
  • Designed industry specific/neutral tools/exercises specifically to capture desired behaviours across each of the competencies. The tools/exercises were in the form of simulations which were hosted on PB’s IT platform.
  • Customized tools designs for the 2 levels – JM/MM to assess the participants for the next level/band.
  • Assigned a PB project coordinator to manage and schedule the entire program with the client’s Talent Management representative.
  • Selected a group of candidates to be a part of the ‘high potential’ pool post the assessment process.
  • Conducted a telephonic feedback session between the selected candidates and the PB Assessor. The assessors helped them design their IDP with the learning material/resources and specific projects were assigned with timelines.
  • Discussed and vetted the IDP later with the respective supervisors for further action.


PB helped the organization identify ‘High Potentials' in their organization and the competency 'picture' /focus areas for the organization as a whole to and helped provide an Overall, 'Organization Talent Inventory/Insights'.

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