Achieving Flawless Customer Experience for Future Growth

Problem Statement

A fast growing life insurance provider in India that had registered an exponential growth with presence across 200+ towns in India in a span of 48 months. In spite of having clearly laid down processes in place, process adherence was low and workarounds were practiced. There was a high degree of variability in business performance across branch locations even within the same zone. Furthermore, there was an increase in the disengagement of the advisor network and of mis-selling.

Given the spread of operations and pace of growth minimizing branch/location level variability and ensuring a seamless advisor and customer experience across locations was identified as key driver for future growth.

A Snapshot of Our Approach

  • Rolled out an employee experience and enablement study covering all 5000 employees across all 200+ locations.
  • Institutionalized a branch level scorecard that indicated the employee experience of engagement as indicated by the EE 2.0 score and their perception on organizational enablers such as Extent of Alignment to Organizational Values, Efficacy of Systems and Processes, Speed of Decision Making, Interdepartmental Collaboration etc.
  • Branch managers were made accountable for this branch level scorecard and this was aggregated at a zonal and an overall business level.
  • PB consultants designed customized managerial development programs for these branch managers depending upon their EE 2.0 scores and their role requirements.
  • Team of internal Engagement Coaches was created within the organization. Each Engagement Coach was made responsible for providing skill and knowledge support to a fixed set of managers.
  • Organizational level issues were addressed with the support of organizational leadership team, the team prioritized three (3) focus areas on the basis of their criticality to business. Three Cross Functional Teams were formed to attack and address these pain areas.
  • Monthly review meetings were organized which were co-chaired by the CEO of the organization and PB consultants where these coaches and leaders of cross functional teams presented the progress so far, challenges faced and support required.


Improved employee experience of engagement at an overall organizational level (47th Percentile to 64th Percentile on the PB-Coffman Global Database) from year-1 to year-2

Significant improvement in customer engagement and persistence scores from year-1 to year-2 at an organizational level *

From 30% branch managers operating at world class levels in year-1 to 52% branch managers at world class levels (as per PB-Coffman Global Database) leading to an improvement in- employee experience at branch locations and upward movement in “Active Advisor” rates and premium collected

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