An Indian Kitchen Appliance Company

The organization wanted to bring in a right balance of home grown talent and lateral hiring in entry level managerial positions in Sales Function and build a talent pool for the same.


The organization wanted to provide fast track career progression to high performing & high potential TSOs in line with company’s need for entry level managerial talent. To do that, the organization wanted to use a competency based approach to identify the high potentials and take promotions and career growth decisions

Our Approach:

PB Adopted the following approach:

  • In the ‘pre-work’ phase, PB held discussions with the key stakeholders to understand the key business challenges and performance expectations for the participants.
  • A further review of the existing competency framework was done, to help key down the key assessment criteria and differentiating behaviours to be considered for assessment for the participant group and also help provide the context for the assessment tools / exercises.
  • Thereafter the design of the relevant exercises and tools for the assessment centre was done with a mix of industry specific and industry neutral exercises.
  • The Assessment Centres were run over two days, and followed by feedback & developmental planning.


  • Post the assessments, an overall organization Talent Inventory and 9-box matrix were provided to the client.
  • The output of the assessments was fed into the promotion process and L&D interventions on managerial competency for the participants.

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