One of the Largest Banks in the U.K

One of the largest banks in the UK setup its back office technology operations in India, operating out of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.


To assess and develop its managers for promotions, by adapting its global talent development framework for India operations.

Through rolling out this program, the client and PB ensured there is parity, reliability and continuity in the process of assessment, development and subsequent promotion (or re-assessment) of high-potential managers.

Our Approach:

  • PB designed the recurring Assess-Develop-Reassess program in partnership with the L&D team.
  • In the Assess phase, select managers underwent a battery of assessment tools, such as a role-play, interview and case presentation.
  • A co-assessor model was utilized for assessment wherein internal business leaders were trained in the DC process, and were co-assessors in the program along with PB assessors.
  • The participants’ scores were calibrated at the end of the Development Centre, during which every participant was discussed in much detail by the assessors.
  • The participants were provided individual feedback and reports detailing their performance in the DC process.


  • Post calibration, the participants either made the cut-off that was set for the group or they did not. Those who made the cut-off were classified as accredited as a part of the Future Leaders Program.
  • The accredited managers were inducted into the pool of executives eligible for the next level of promotion.
  • Those who weren’t accredited underwent further development (training programs and group coaching) on specific competencies.
  • These managers were eligible for the next cycle of assessment, which was typically held after 6-8 months (for a maximum of two cycles).

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