One of the Largest Indian FMCG Companies

The company was undergoing high level of growth by leveraging product innovation and improved sales strategy. To continue with the growth, the organization planned to increase its manufacturing capacity, which required increased manpower and improved capability of its present and future employees.

The organization had focused on building the capability of its leaders to lead the growth and had already designed a leadership competency framework. However, there was a need to also build the capability of their employees by focusing on the competencies required to excel in their respective functions.


The organization wanted to design functional competency frameworks for their Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing functions to understand and develop the current and future capability of the organization. Going forward, they wanted to incorporate the competencies into their hire to retire processes

Our Approach:

PB partnered with the organization to first create the Functional Competency Framework for the 3 functions and later designed Career Paths for the respective functions.

Designing Functional Competency Framework:

  • In the ‘pre-work’ phase, PB focused on getting an understanding of the the organizational context and key processes in the functions through structured interviews with the functional heads and reviewed the existing Job Descriptions to identify all the unique roles in the 3 functions of Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing.
  • Post the discussion, PB conducted structured discussions with high performers from different levels in each function to understand the role requirement. Further interviews were conducted with the respective HRBPs and function heads. A Study of competition landscape was also conducted.
  • Based on these discussions, review of documents and external competency models PB designed the draft Functional Competency Model and validated it with the Key Stakeholders in the organization through a half day workshop.
  • The final functional competencies was developed with 4 proficiency levels and 4 to 5 behaviors under each proficiency level.

Designing Career Path:

  • PB had discussions with the function leaders, HR leader and HRBPs of Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing in order to understand typical horizontal and vertical movements in these functions.
  • Basis the discussions, Job Descriptions and the unique roles available at all the levels in the different functions, PB designed the Career Path highlighting the horizontal and vertical movements at each unique role for the sales & marketing level.
  • As deliverables, PB designed Career Guide Book in order to show all possible career ladders and lattices and position descriptions for all key roles in all three functions.


The organization has started incorporating the designed functional competency framework in their Performance Management System, using it in their promotion process and also incorporating it in their Career Path Framework.

The organization has also used the Competency Framework in designing the Individual Development Plan for its employees and in design of its other L&D initiatives.

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